Hunter Pharma Omega-3 90 Softgels


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Hunter Pharma Omega-3 90 Softgels

The appropriate supply of Omega3 provides for maintaining normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels and also plays an important role in maintaining/improving normal brain functions.

  • 1000 mg fish oil in a single capsule
  • 18% EPA and 12% DHA content
  • Practical, 90-capsule packaging
  • Superb price-value ratio

Who is it recommended for?


You, if:

  • you’d like to enhance your cerebral activity,
  • you’re performing exhausting mental activities,
  • you have high cholesterol,
  • you have high blood pressure,
  • you’re on a diet,

or if you simply want to ensure your body gets a continuous supply of one of the most important essential fatty acids.

Try it and see for yourself!



How to use?

Take 1 soft gelatin capsule a day with plenty of liquids.

Packaging: 90 soft gelatin capsules


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