Hunter Pharma Multi Vitamin 90 Tablets


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A dietary supplement containing 13 vitamins and 11 minerals.

A general daily multivitamin dietary supplement tablet with a host of vitamins and minerals from A to Z.

Two tablets a day provide for all the vitamins and minerals the body could need on all 365 days of the year.

A proper supply of vitamins and minerals plays a key role in the healthy function of the immune and nervous systems as well as in ensuring vitality and mental performance.

  • 13 kinds of vitamins
  • 11 different types of minerals
  • Practical (1 month) packaging
  • Amazing  price/value ratio



Who is it recommended for?


You, if:

  • you don’t eat enough fruit/vegetables,
  • you’re exposed to the harmful effects of stress,
  • you frequently get sick,
  • you’d like to provide for the health of your loved ones,

or if you’re simply looking for a multivitamin product with a great price/value ratio.



Try it and see for yourself!


How to use?

Take 2 tablets every day approximately 30 minutes before breakfast with plenty of water or other liquids.


Packaging: 90 tablets


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