Hunter Pharma CLA + Carnitine 30 Servings


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Hunter Pharma CLA + Carnitine

If you’re looking for the ultimate ingredients that will help you along your fitness journey, combined into one supplement, look no further than CLA + Carnitine by Hunter Pharma.

CLA + Carnitine by Hunter Pharma has been designed to help you maintain a healthy weight and best of all, contains no stimulants at all. This means you won’t get any unwanted crashes from using the supplement and even better, you won’t get those nasty withdrawal headaches that can occur when you start using too much caffeine.

When you use CLA + Carnitine by Hunter Pharma, instead, you’ll receive:
  • A blend that supports calorie processing
  • A tool to help maintain energy during exercise and throughout the day
  • Support for your muscular endurance, to help you crush your workouts
  • Support for your healthy weight goals
  • A way to aid overall recovery from exercise so you bounce back from each workout faster than ever before
  • A tool to support blood glucose management, along with your healthy diet

CLA + Carnitine by Hunter Pharma is a great product for those who are exercising regularly. No matter what your particular program is, you can benefit from getting this into your day.

With every serving of CLA + Carnitine, you’ll take in:
  • 5 grams of a CLA Matrix containing safflower oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and CLA
  • 2 grams of Carnitine
  • No unwanted stimulants or artificial flavours, preservatives, or ingredients

If you’re tired of seeing so-so results with your program, it’s time to crank it up a notch. This product is ready to help you master your performance and body goals!


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